How To Get Super Smooth Worbla Armor – Cosplay


This is the process I came up with and used to make the armor on the King Loki build so smooth. Worbla is quite easy to work with but has a somewhat rough “orange peel” like texture. This “recipie” was the results of testing all the items listed along with Plasti-Dip Spray and wood glue in various combinations. It looks great but does take a lot of time and patience.



Emerald City Comicon 2014 – King Loki – Cosplayer Gallery

Here’s my gallery of photos from ECCC 2014 with King Loki cosplayed by Fezhead11 and a whole bunch of other cosplayers.
A few of the photos are from Saturday. The majority are from Sunday. If you happen to see yourself and are not credited, please let me know and I’ll get it added!

More King Loki costume info can be found on my Facebook page: Coregeek Costumes & Creations