Emerald City Comicon 2014 – King Loki – Cosplayer Gallery

Here’s my gallery of photos from ECCC 2014 with King Loki cosplayed by Fezhead11 and a whole bunch of other cosplayers.
A few of the photos are from Saturday. The majority are from Sunday. If you happen to see yourself and are not credited, please let me know and I’ll get it added!

More King Loki costume info can be found on my Facebook page: Coregeek Costumes & Creations


Emerald City Comicon 2014 – Yzma and Kronk Cosplay: The Emperor’s New Groove

Here we are, my 14 year old daughter and I as the hilarious “villians” from The Emperor’s New Groove. I mentioned before that after several years of only being behind the costumes this year was my first time of actually cosplaying.

I really had a great time. The response to our characters was almost overwhelming, not that I’m complaining. We were mobbed for pretty much 6 hours straight; I totally underestimated the love for these characters. Everyone was so polite and patient though, the whole crowd did an incredible job.

When we met Yaya Han she was so impressed she took a picture with us for herself! She mentioned that she had never seen Yzma and Kronk lab attire cosplayed before. That is really saying something considering the number of cons she attends and the thousands of costumes I’m sure she sees. Later that day we learned it was one of only a few photos she shared on Instagram from the day.

Mostly though, we met a lot of awesomely talented cosplayers, which I think was the best part of day. If you see yourself here send me an email ( with your link so I can add it to your photo.



On Fandom and Cosplay

The past few years cosplay has become a big part of our family. We’re heading into our 4th Emerald City Comicon and this year it’s bigger than ever. Even my 70 year old father-in-law has decided to join us in costume! He totally came up with the idea himself and has been excitedly working on his cosplay. We were joking the other day that he could end up being the oldest cosplayer at ECCC!

So, amongst the feverish costume building that I’ve been wrapped up in, my awesome wife took the time to write a really great article that compares the fandoms of the sports and geek worlds. Here’s a link to her article ‘Fandom’ in which I think she did a fantastic job writing. I hope you enjoy it.

She also took the above photo, which I like because it focuses on the fan taking a picture of a cosplayer (who just happens to be our daughter!)

Going to Be a Busy Few Months, ECCC Season is Upon Us… Time to Build Some Costumes

One of the things I’ve done with my daughters (both teens) on a yearly basis is attend Emerald City Comicon. This year will be our 4th year. The last few years we’ve gotten into doing cosplay. Cosplay is a lot of fun, my girls really enjoy it and we work diligently on recreating accurate costumes. It’s truly a whole family effort. I’m the accessory and prop guy, my extremely talented mother-in-law handles all the sewing (I can sew but her skills are way beyond mine) and the girls work on the details: design, hair make-up, etc.

For those who haven’t seen our past efforts here you go:

Evil's Unite!

Doctor Who Daleks – 2012 ECCC

More 2012 photos here.

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter and My Little Pony Discord - 2013 ECCC

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter and My Little Pony Discord – 2013 ECCC

More 2013 photos here.


Every year the costumes get more involved and this year I really have my work cut out for me. Seriously, my oldest K has decided to be Loki from ‘The Avengers’. Of course she didn’t choose the simple version, she wants the King Loki version. This is one intricate costume


Body armor, helmet, cape, scepter, that’s a lot of building. It’s definitely going to push my creating skills and I’ll get to learn to use some new materials along the way.

Fortunately my youngest E has chosen a simpler character to recreate. One of our favorite movies as a family is ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’. It wasn’t a Disney smash as it was made at the end of their traditional animation run, but it is a hilarious romp. One of the best part of the movie is its bad-guy or bad-girl in this case; Yzma. Yzma is bitingly voice by Eartha Kitt. I love films with a great antagonist. Best of all she is balanced out but a very funny side-kick name Kronk. He’s a big Oaf with a soft heart and some real skills in the kitchen. E has requested that I cosplay along with her as Kronk. So this year will mark my first foray into full cosplay regalia at the con! We’ve decided to go in their Secret Lab attire:

Whew. I’m thinking these will be a lot less work.


So bear with me for the following few months as there are going to be a lot of cosplay posts as I document the build process, which is something I haven’t done before. I’ve already started the building on Loki here’s a sneak peek:


Emerald City Comicon 2013 — Doctor Who Cosplay and Contest Photos

As usual the Doctor Who fandom (Whovians) represented well. There was even an unofficial Doctor Who cospaly contest on Sunday, that was sponsored by Many Hats. My wonderful Dalek daughter took place in the contest. She was entered in the “Best Ancillary Character” category. The votes were made by crowd applause. It came down to her and another character; a very well done Silurian. The Silurian won. I can’t complain, that’s a very difficult costume to do well and it was great (as you can see by the pictures).