Great iPad Games List

The most current version of this list can now be found here at iPad HQ This list is no longer being updated at and is only still posted for archival purposes.

Why are these great iPad games? Because they are fun, have great replayability and are graphically pleasing.

The list will continue to grow as I discover more great games. Be aware that I’ve spent my own hard earned money on the premium games. I’m a cheap-skate so if it’s on the list, know that it’s worth paying for.

The games marked with an * get bonus points because they are Universal iOS apps. (I detest the extra fee that most game developers add to iPad HD app.)

Games are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the App icon to open directly in the App Store.

Age of Pinballs *

Army of Darkness Defense
(tower defense)

Batman Arkham City Lockdown*
(3D Hack & Slash)

Bullet Time HD
(top-down shooter)

Chopper 2 *
(helicopter side scroller)

Cliffed XL *
(2D scrolling racer)

Cordy *
(2D scrolling adventure)

Cut the Rope HD
(physics puzzler)

Death Rally *
(top-down racer)

Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword *

Highborn HD
(turn-based strategy)

The Incident *
(retro-style action)

Infinity Blade *
(3D Hack & Slash)

Infinity Blade 2 *
(3D Hack & Slash)

Lame Castle HD

Meteor Blitz HD
(dual-stick shooter)

Max and the Magic Marker HD
(puzzle platformer)

Muffin Knight *

(physics-based eat-’em-up)

Paper Monsters *
(platformer ala Mario Bros.)

Perfect Cell *
(action side-scroller)

Plants vs. Zombies HD
(tower defense)

Robokill – Rescue Titan Prime
(dual-stick shooter)

Robo Surf *
(surf style runner)

Soosiz HD
(360 platformer)

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD
(3D Action)

Time Geeks: Find All! *
(8-bit hidden object game)

Tiny Tower *
(8-bit tower sim)

World of Goo
(physics puzzler)

Zen Bound 2 *
(meditative puzzler)

Zombie Highway *
(3D Survival)

Last Update: 05/14/12