Great iPad Apps List

I created this list to answer a question that is asked of me quite regularly: “What are some great iPad apps I should check out?”

These are apps that I have purchased myself and continually use. Although I haven’t taken the time to do an individual review for each app listed, all of the apps are highly recommended and worth every penny.

I’ll continue to add to the list as I discover more great apps. The apps are listed in alphabetical order. Click the name link to be taken directly to the app store for download/purchase.

1Password: Get your online security under control. Store all of your passwords in 1Password then have access with only one password. Integrates on you computer through Safari or Chrome browsers. Synchs between computer and iOS devices over local wifi or via dropbox account. Check out the coregeek review here.

Air Display: Need a little extra monitor space? This App enables your computer to use the iPad as a secondary monitor.

Blogsy: Fomola (the team behind Blogsy) had a very loft goal: better blogging on the iPad. I believe they made that goal a reality. Blogsy is not perfect but it’s currently the best blogging app available on the App Store. Check out the coregeek review here.

The Early Edition: One of the first “Newspaper” style RSS readers for the iPad. It’s not glitzy like Pulse News or Flipboard but that’s what makes it great. It isn’t cluttered and just feels right with a cup of coffee in the morning.

GoodReader: Hands down the best utility app for reading PDF’s and moving files between your iPad (iOS devices), computer and online accounts like dropbox and mobileme.

Handoff: Push web info from your computer’s browser to the iPad for instant viewing or save it for reading later. Check out the coregeek review with a video demo here.

Mobile Mouse Pro: Turn your iPad (iOS devices) into a touch pad to control your computer. It’s especially handy if you have a computer based media center.

Osfoora HD, for twitter: When I started using Twitter I found most of the apps too confusing; Osfoora was the exception.

Photo Transfer App: A utility for wirelessly moving photos and videos between the iPad or other iOS devices and/or your computer. It works so well I’m still dumbfounded why Apple hasn’t offered this type of functionality natively. For more info check out this in-depth review.

Pimp Your Screen – Wallpapers: Lots of eye-popping desktops, backgrounds, icon skins and app shelves.

Portfolio Pro for iPad: An easy to use professional looking portfolio app for photographers, designers and creatives. Read my review here.

Simplenote: Create notes, lists and more on your iPad (all iOS Devices) and have them synch over the web to other iOS devices as well as your computer.

Splashtop Remote: Bring your entire computer (Mac or PC) including audio and video to the iPad via remote access.

Last update: 05/14/12


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