Working with Worbla: Groot Sprout Sculpture – Guardians of the Galaxy

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How To Get Super Smooth Worbla Armor – Cosplay


This is the process I came up with and used to make the armor on the King Loki build so smooth. Worbla is quite easy to work with but has a somewhat rough “orange peel” like texture. This “recipie” was the results of testing all the items listed along with Plasti-Dip Spray and wood glue in various combinations. It looks great but does take a lot of time and patience.



Worbla Finishing Take 2


I’ve had a few people ask about my Worbla smoothing process. I plan to do a fully detailed blog post when I get the time but for now here’s the basic process and a photo of the results up to final primer. YOU CAN SEE A DETAILED INFOGRAPHIC ON MY SMOOTHING PROCESS BY CLICKING HERE.

New smoothing process:
1. Skim coat with Elmer’s wood filler, sand
2. 2 or 3 coats of gesso, sand
3. 2 or 3 coats of Shellac, sand
4. 2 or 3 coats of primer, sand
5. final paint

This example is a good comparison. The area surrounding the raised design is just unaltered worbla that got a bit of primer overspray on it. This is just to final primer and hasn’t been sanded for paint yet.

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