Lady Sif Sword – All Finished – Now Available for display or cosplay

I built and copy cast this Lady Sif styled sword a while back. You can see the full build process here.

I’m now offering two different cast plastic resin versions for sale:
1. Completely painted and finished like you see here, ready to use for display or cosplay.
2. Unfinished Kit straight from the mold, DIY.

Either can be purchased from my Etsy shop:


iPad 2 ‘Soul Sleeve’ case from Day of the Thread – review

The History:
I first learned of super-duo Steph and Bruno aka Day of the Thread via Twitter. I was immediately drawn to their simple yet exquisite iPad sleeves which are available at and on Etsy. Being a bit of an iPad case/sleeve junkie I’m always on the lookout for unique ways to protect my favorite device and as a DIY‘er their beautiful handmade sleeves piqued my interest.

Probably the thing that struck me the most however is how opposite the design and finish of the Day of the Thread sleeve was compared to my own creation, the iPad 2 Duct Tape Folio Smart Case. My case is hard edged, industrial looking and utilizes magnets for securing the iPad 2 inside. The Day of the Thread sleeve is plush with soft lines and uses a very simple (dare I say “old school”) mechanism for security: a big button.

(Note: I realize the two don’t directly compare because the style of cases are folio vs. sleeve. I guess I’m just delighted by the fact that two DIY’ers who have the exact same goals: design and build stylish protection for the iPad can meet those goals yet come up with such different results. Yey for the creative process!)

The Setup:
Given all the above I contacted Day of the Thread immediately and requested a sleeve for review. My request was answered quickly and I learned that they were in the middle of creating a new and improved website and that a new sleeve was in the works. Knowing how much work those tasks entailed I waited patently for the arrival of the all new Soul Sleeve.

The Arrival:
Packaging may not seem like a big deal to you but for me it says a lot about a company and what they think of their product. The Soul Sleeve arrived inside an unassuming padded manilla style envelope. What I found tucked inside was a lovingly wrapped present!

Like a present waiting to be opened.

I opened it with anticipation finding the Soul Sleeve just begging to be touched and used. (Bonus, love the orange lined craft paper.)

The Soul Sleeve

The Execution:
Quality, quality, quality. From the Eco-Fi polyester fiber fabric to the final fit and finish the Soul Sleeve reeks of quality. I absolutely love the fabric, it’s like a plush wool coat for your iPad. The iPad slips in ever so easily but is still snug which gives a good feeling of security. The sleeve is quite thick featuring 2 inches of total padding. I’m sure the iPad could take an average height fall (say from a desktop) and be completely protected by the pillowy plush design. The large button is an aesthetically pleasing design choice and rounds out the perfectly simplistic look. (I have to say there’s something about that button that just makes me smile every time I see it. Maybe it’s just a childhood memory thing but there’s a lot of personality in that button.)

Not to be overlooked is a utility pocket on the back that can be used for holding other items like a wallet, cell phone, earbuds or any other items that you fancy. I found the pocket to be quite useful. It essentially makes the Soul Sleeve a mini brief case. In the mornings I’d slip my iPad into it’s comfy sarcophagus (two words you’ll probably never see used together again) and my iPhone and wallet into the back pocket and I’d be ready to face the day.

Utility Pocket.

The Bottom Line:
One thing I love about a small company like Day of the Thread is handmade really means “we obsess and care about the little things”. I appreciate those little things which make a customer feel special. If you’re looking for a unique iPad sleeve that will protect your favorite device with stlye and possibly bring a smile to your face every time you use it, I highly recommend the Soul Sleeve from Day of the Thread.

Day of the Thread’s – Soul Sleeve – can be purchased directly at for $35.00 US, plus shipping, payable via paypal.The Soul Sleeve is available in a wooly grey main color with your choice of 7 button accent colors. The Soul Sleeve is compatible with both the original iPad and iPad 2.