Emerald City Comicon 2014 – Yzma and Kronk Cosplay: The Emperor’s New Groove

Here we are, my 14 year old daughter and I as the hilarious “villians” from The Emperor’s New Groove. I mentioned before that after several years of only being behind the costumes this year was my first time of actually cosplaying.

I really had a great time. The response to our characters was almost overwhelming, not that I’m complaining. We were mobbed for pretty much 6 hours straight; I totally underestimated the love for these characters. Everyone was so polite and patient though, the whole crowd did an incredible job.

When we met Yaya Han she was so impressed she took a picture with us for herself! She mentioned that she had never seen Yzma and Kronk lab attire cosplayed before. That is really saying something considering the number of cons she attends and the thousands of costumes I’m sure she sees. Later that day we learned it was one of only a few photos she shared on Instagram from the day.

Mostly though, we met a lot of awesomely talented cosplayers, which I think was the best part of day. If you see yourself here send me an email (coregeeknet@gmail.com) with your link so I can add it to your photo.




  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE this cosplay. We were thinking of doing something similar this year. Do you mind me asking, how did you make the lab coats? I’ve been trying to find “howie lab coats” but they are uber expensive. Did you use a pattern? Thanks for any help or secrets you are willing to divulge 🙂

    1. Thank you. I used my secret weapon: my mother-in-law. She’s an amazing seamstress. She modified a pattern that was a priest robe. Beyond that it was just a lot of custom fittings. Mine was especially tricky because I wore an upper body muscle suit to get that triangular Kronk shape. I bought or built all of the rest. Cheers.

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