Working With Worbla: King Loki Build – Helmet

I’ve moved this post to a new website platform. Click here to see the build progress post and photos.


  1. Amazing! I love it so much. This really helped me a lot since I’m cosplay as Loki and I had done a TON of research for his helmet. I finally found this, thank you! I was just wondering, for the baseball helmet. How should I cut it?

    1. I’m glad this has been helpful. I cut the helmet with a saber (jig) saw and a fine tooth blade. It’s fairly thick plastic so not sure what else would work if you don’t have a saw. Not sure what your level of experience is but doing it this way is definietly more of an advanced build. If I were to do it again I’d probably start with a foam base helmet to build off of. Evil Ted posted this video after I built mine but I think the hemet base he shows how to build in this video would work pretty great.

    1. The main material is Worbla. It can be purchased online from
      I carved the horns from rigid pink insulation foam (sold as Insulpink at Home Depot) and covered them in Worbla. A similar insulation product is sold at Lowes and is blue in color.
      Also used is a little bit of Bondo (found at Lowe’s or any automotive parts shop) and Elmer’s Wood Filler again found at Lowe’s of Home Depot.

  2. Amazing – I am super impressed!! Here is a quick question with regards to using Worbla for helmet building: do you always start with a base helmet (something purchased) instead of creating a helmet from Worbla alone? I ask because I’ve just completed a Captain America helmet that I did out of Worbla alone – it was super tough to get the shape right without any base to start with. The problem was – helmet ‘bases’ I tried were too big/round/just the wrong shape in general. I’m totally new at this, so I just tried what I thought might work.

    1. I’ve done other helmets, but not with worbla. The Loki helmet was the first thing I ever made with worbla. I’ve always started with a pre-made base first. You can really use just about anything. I even used a plastic kettle made for collecting halloween candy for a helmet base. I find it easier because you’re starting with something that has an even shape to begin with. Like you said though it can be though to find an object in the correct shape. That being said I may try my hand at a scratch build someday. Mostly because I found this great video which explains how to build a helmet with EVA foam.

      Ted really knows his stuff you should check it out.

      Thanks for contacting me. I’d like to see pics of the helmet you built. Do you have any posted somewhere? If not no biggie.


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