Working with Worbla: King Loki Armor Build – Spaulders

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  1. For the tack issue…if you have a pair of pliers and are VERY careful, you can heat up the tack itself using your heat gun and THEN push just it through the primer and the Worbla underneath. This will prevent the loss-of-shape of your piece, and the pulling up of your hard work on the primer (and, in my case, paint job when I realized I missed a detail on a bracer I made.) Just remember that the tack will stay pretty hot for a few second, so (yes, I’m gonna say it) don’t touch it right after pushing it into your piece.

    Ever since I made that mistake, this is how I apply anything metal to my work…any other way is just difficult. ^_^

    1. I tried that but did have much success with with the particular tacks I was using. There’s really no way to hold them (even with thin needle nose pliers) while heating due to the dome shape.

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