Useless Mug – review

The History:
Marco Arment is one of the people I follow on twitter. He’s the sole developer behind one of my favorite iOS apps Instapaper (highly recommend). I enjoy reading Marco’s blog and getting a small glimpse of the behind the scenes of an iOS developer.

As an amusement to himself Marco created the Useless Mug which is based on an actual Instapaper review. At some point he must have had several people inquire about the mug because he made it available on Zazzle. After an initial copyright infringement banning snafu, Zazzle ended up fixing their mistake by offering a 50% off coupon code.

By this time I was thinking “sweet 50% off that’s pretty funny for a buy-in of only $7″. I caved and ordered my own Useless Mug. Apparently there was plenty of us out there who found the mug amusing; in only 3 days Marco’s joke turned into 479 mugs sold.

The Setup:
It’s a basic coffee mug. I like the shape of the handle which is comfortable to hold (something that must be right on a mug for me to continue to use it.) The two-tone color is nice compliment to the black and white text.

The Execution
As Marco mentioned in his own blog post the type is a little fuzzy. It’s not enough to be bothersome but not being Retina quality is a tad disappointing.

The Bottom Line
If you’ve spent any amount of time reading reviews on the App Store, then you’ll surely find the mug humorous as well, just be willing to get the “whatever look” from your spouse as you try to explain exactly why.

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