Emerald City Comicon 2012 – Daleks Among Us, Whovian Cosplay – Photos

There was so much Doctor Who cosplay at Emerald City Comicon this year it was almost like a mini WhoCon. I spotted at least 20 Doctor’s (both male and female), 6 TARDIS’s, 10 Amy’s, 2 Rose Tyler’s, 2 Rory’s, 3 River Song’s, 1 Madame Vastra, 2 Gasmasked people (with Teddy Bear too) and 2 Weeping Angels (major creepy). In comparison to last year I only remember a handful of Whovian cosplayers. Seriously, Seattle Whovian’s really made an impression.

Note: For other 2012 ECCC cosplay click here.

It was fortune that our cosplayers chose to be Daleks, they were the only ones we spotted throughout the day. Therefore they were extremely popular, they spent a minimum of 4 hours posing for photos. Of course they loved the attention and were very proud to show off their costumes which were meticulously designed by the eldest and constructed by my talented, seamstress mother-in-law.

The Dalek Sisters are getting features around the interwebs:

• The Stranger’s Arts & News Slog!
ECCC Update: Doctor Who Costume Edition
“The cutest Daleks ever posing with the Tenth Doctor.” I totally agree!

KOMO 4 News Photo Gallery

• Fashionably Geek – Adorable Daleks Pose With a Weeping Angel

• Slash Film’s Page 2



The Uniblog

Tumblr There a few reposts with nice comments and ECCC write ups that mention the Dalek Sisters


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