Tales from Emerald City Comicon 2011 – John Noble & Jasika Nicole from ‘Fringe’

I know I haven’t blogged about TV in a long time. You may already know this but ‘Fringe’ is my favorite sci-fi show that’s currently running. As a long time X-Files fan it the best show I can compare it to although they are more different than alike. In many way ‘Fringe’ is the best written show in all of TV right now. They’re running an amazing dual universe story line that pushes the actors and the audience and it’s quite phenomenal.

It was very cool to meet cast members John Noble and Jasika Nicole. Both were very nice and easy to talk to. It was towards the end of the day, the line was short, so I had more time to talk then most people.

The signing area had no photo signs posted. I snapped a picture of John anyway while he was talking to the guy in front of me. John moved at the same time I took the shot so he turned to me concerned as to wether or not I got the shot I wanted. It looked fine but I thought it was cool he was concerned and willing to let me get another if needed.

John Noble aka Dr. Walter Bishop from 'Fringe'

I had already spent all my cash for the day so I told him that I was tapped out and I blamed it on Felicia Day (whom I also met earlier in the day.) He looked over toward her side of the room and quipped something about having to go have a talk with her.

I told him that I just wanted to come over, shake his hand, and let him know how much I love the show. He looks younger in person and it’s fun to listen to him talk in his native accent. I learned he’s originally from Australia, which I did not know, although I already knew he speaks with an accent (which he does not use on the show). I told him I really enjoy his brilliant portrayal of Walter and “Walternate” as well as Denethor in the Lord of the Rings films. He was gracious and thanked me.

Jasika Nicole is quite stunning in person and is very funny. I asked her about the alternate Astrid (rumored to be known as “KickAsstrid” by the crew) and why she seems kind of “off”. I elaborated by saying she seems very brilliant but kind of weird compared to the other Astrid. She answered, “Well she actually is autistic and now don’t you feel like an a$$hole.” It was quite funny and we chuckled and she explained how Walternate had been able to use kids who were normally cast aside and give them purpose.

Jasika Nicole aka Special Agent Astrid Farnsworth from 'Fringe'

I asked how she felt about the dual universe story line and if it posed challenges as an actor. She explained that the whole experience was fun but quite surreal and it many ways it feels like working on two different shows that are the same. She ended with, “It’s weird.”

We chatted about the Northwest since ‘Fringe’ is filmed in Vancouver BC. I learned that she’s from the south and lived in New York before living in BC since ‘Fringe’ began.

As for season 4 being a reality she couldn’t say because they don’t know yet. She said “we’re very hopeful.” Jasika really surprised me with her knowledge and passion towards the show I was left with the impression she’s also a huge fan.

If you’re not watching Fringe and you like Sci-fi, drama and or police shows you really need to check out ‘Fringe’.


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