Tales from Emerald City Comicon 2011 – Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton & Ken Jennings oh my

While I was waiting in line to meet Felicia Day (Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope, star and writer of webseries ‘The Guild’) I snapped this pic.

Ken Jennings and Wil Wheaton, major nerd/geek moment.

I knew it was an important moment because Will Wheton got out from behind the protective force field (aka folding legged table) and posed for a picture with a guy that was totally familiar looking but I just could not place him. I know, I just lost major geek cred for not realizing that it was obviously Ken Jennings.

The line was long and I waited about 45 minutes, it was for both Felicia and Amy Okuda (also from ‘The Guild’) so it took a while for fans to speak with both of them. It finally came to my turn and Amy was up first. I really hadn’t thought much about meeting Amy so I really had nothing to say. I enjoy her on ‘The Guild’ but I was really just there to meet Felicia whom I’ve been a fan of since back in the Buffy days. I stood there like a major dork and Amy politely said hi to me. I replied hi and I proceeded to not say anything else. So we shared an awkward pause moment. I’m sure she was thinking who is this idiot? Then fortunately Felicia was freed up and the guys behind me seemed much more eager to want to speak to Amy.

While we were making introductions Felicia looked to the guy next/ behind me because he was kind of hanging in our conversation. (I imagine because that meant he got to hang with her a little longer.) Anyway she complimented him on his t-shirt. Which was a gamer shirt, she’s a big gamer girl so I understand. I was sporting my most geeky Star Wars woot shirt (which i received lots of compliments for all day long) and I commented, “Hey what about mine?”

The shirt I was wearing, titled Pull Up, You Fools!

She gave it a quizzical look and then asked me “Is that a penis?” I laughed with a reply of, “no it’s Admiral Ackbar.” She looked again and I said “it’s a trap!” she laughed but I’m still not sure it was because she thought it was funny or she was just being kind. I think she also commented something like oh good because I’d have to wonder about a guy who wears a shirt with a penis on it. So now I’m thinking, great Felicia Day will probably remember me as the Seattle guy with the penis shirt!

I then told her that my buddy was giving me a hard time asking if I knew what I was going to say to her before we met. I told him I don’t have to worry about it because we share a common bond as “gingers” and that meant I had an automatic “in.” She laughed as I told her why my 14 daughter (also a “ginger”, who was at the con with me) but got tired of waiting in line wasn’t there to also meet her. She made a funny comment about teenagers but I can’t remember the exact details.

I handed her my iPhone 4 to sign because I wasn’t sure what I’d do with an autographed head shot after the con. Plus I thought maybe that it would have been a unique item to have signed. Turned out I was half right. I asked if she had signed an iPhone before (BTW – she had an iPhone 4 so I quickly forgave her for the t-shirt incident). She said she had signed a few iPhones but then she saw my silver backed phone and commented, “but I’ve never signed a silver one before.” She was quite interested in the custom shiny iPhone back. I told her if she’d give me her email I’d be happy to send her the info about it. She didn’t bite, so I told her it was from voBack although I’m sure she’s forgotten that information already.

Signed iPhone 4

Lastly, I asked if I could get a picture with her she was very happy to do so and she learned forward over the table for me to be next to her. She checked the picture commenting, “I can’t have a crappy picture of me out there on the web.” That first picture was not so good she looked great but we weren’t close enough in perspective so I looked massive compared to her. Anyway she leaned forward a little more and I back and the second shot turned out pretty good.

coregeek meets geek girl Felicia Day

Overall it was a fun experience. Felicia was funny and enjoyable to talk to and you can tell she really appreciates her fans.

In the very slight chance she might end up reading this I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks from the not penis shirt wearing, shiny iPhone carrying, ginger haired fan.

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