District B13 Ultimatum – Netflix Find – Review

Back in March I gave a favorable review to the original District B13. I was happy to learn that a sequel District B13 Ultimatum was released on Blu-ray/DVD earlier this year. The film picks up 3 years later. David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli reprise their original roles of Leito and Damien.

Plot Synopsis from Wikipedia:
“Three years after the events of the original film, the authorities are attempting to return law and order to ravaged District 13. The death of gang overlord Taha Bemamud has left a power vacuum, and total control of the area is now being fought over by five rival territorial gang lords who want to step into Taha’s position. Damien and Leito return to District 13 on a mission to bring peace to the troubled sector before the secret services of Paris take drastic measures to solve the problem.”

This type of action film relies on two things: charismatic lead actors and exciting fights. Fortunately, both of those ingredients carry over from the first installment. Belle and Raffeelli are in top form here and continue to amaze with their physical agility. The plot is decent enough for all of the action to be strung together in a coherent manner although I will say it’s a bit unbelievable. You could probably say the same for the first film too. A highlight for me was Raffeelli’s fight inside the night club where he both wields and protects a van Gogh painting.

Bottom Line: It’s all about the fights. Not as much Parkour this time around although things were exiting enough to hold my attention for the full running time.

Rated R available on: Blu-ray, DVD.

Note: District B13 Ultimatum is a French production so the film is subtitled. There is an English dub track for those interested. I personally find dubs to be distracting and prefer subtitles.


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