Triangle – Netflix Find – Movie Review

Darth Mojo, a blogger I enjoy reading, had this to say in a recent post: “… In the meantime, search out and rent a movie called Triangle, it’s my favorite B-movie in years. Not exactly sci-fi, but very Twilight Zone and it does involve a time loop… I’d love to know what you think of it!”

Wikipedia plot outline:
“Jess is a single mother to Tommy, who apparently has recurring nightmares. Encouraged by her friend, Greg, to get away, she joins him and his friends for a day of sailing. Soon, they get caught in a freak electrical storm which capsizes their boat, forcing them to seek refuge in a passing ocean liner. Once on board, they realize that the ship is empty. Jess, however, feels that she has been there before…”

Naturally I checked Netflix and was happy to see Triangle available as “watch instantly.” So I settled in and gave it a view. It starts out eerie from the first frame and gets deeper and deeper as it goes. Overall I found it to be a competent and freaky tale with some genuine scary moments. It’s a great mix of suspense, thriller and horror. I’m talking realistic psychotic horror not splatter hound horror. However it is a fairly violent film with quite a bit of bloodletting so if that turns you off: stay away.

Surprisingly Triangle veers away from the clichéd elements you usually get from horror, the genre it is most influenced by. (For the record horror is my least favorite genre of films). I would really like to delve into the particulars of the story, which I found quite fascinating, but doing so would require major spoilers. Lets just say that it will make you think about it days after viewing.

Bottom Line: A chilling ride that mixes horror, thriller and suspense with a unique Déjà Vu story.

Rated R available on: Blu ray, DVD and Netflix Watch Instantly.


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