Emerald City Comicon 2014 – King Loki – Cosplayer Gallery

Here’s my gallery of photos from ECCC 2014 with King Loki cosplayed by Fezhead11 and a whole bunch of other cosplayers.
A few of the photos are from Saturday. The majority are from Sunday. If you happen to see yourself and are not credited, please let me know and I’ll get it added!

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Emerald City Comicon 2014 – Confessions From the Con: First Time Cosplayer

I have an incredible wife. She’s an amazing mother, photographer, writer and friend. She cosplayed for the first time at Emerald City Comicon over the weekend. She wrote a funny piece about her experience: click here to read the story on her blog.

My wife and Father-in-law cosplaying Carl and Ellie from UP.

My wife and Father-in-law portraying Carl and Ellie from UP.


High Fives!

Emerald City Comicon 2014 – Yzma and Kronk Cosplay: The Emperor’s New Groove

Here we are, my 14 year old daughter and I as the hilarious “villians” from The Emperor’s New Groove. I mentioned before that after several years of only being behind the costumes this year was my first time of actually cosplaying.

I really had a great time. The response to our characters was almost overwhelming, not that I’m complaining. We were mobbed for pretty much 6 hours straight; I totally underestimated the love for these characters. Everyone was so polite and patient though, the whole crowd did an incredible job.

When we met Yaya Han she was so impressed she took a picture with us for herself! She mentioned that she had never seen Yzma and Kronk lab attire cosplayed before. That is really saying something considering the number of cons she attends and the thousands of costumes I’m sure she sees. Later that day we learned it was one of only a few photos she shared on Instagram from the day.

Mostly though, we met a lot of awesomely talented cosplayers, which I think was the best part of day. If you see yourself here send me an email (coregeeknet@gmail.com) with your link so I can add it to your photo.



Final gold paint. Still need to dark wash crevasses and clear coat.

Working With Worbla: King Loki Build – Helmet

In preparation for the King Loki cosplay build, the helm was one of the pieces that intimidated me the most. That thing is crazy detailed and those horns! I thought about it for weeks and researched like crazy. I found some other creators on the interwebs (most notably Eldritch ArtsSithcamaro and Timbo’s Creations) and who had posted their excellent work. The thing I realized quickly was I preferred the look of the helms that had been sculpted. I’m not a sculptor and wasn’t ready to tackle yet another new medium for this project so I finally decided I’d do something similar to Timbo’s and start with a foam base and build it up from there.

Sometime later I was at Goodwill looking around for random stuff (you never know what discarded item you may find that can be tuned into something cool) and I saw one of these:


Easton Batting Helmet

It’s hard to tell because of the photo’s angle but something about the shape reminded me of the Loki helm. (I forgot to take picture of the actual helmet but this is a stock photo of the exact model.) It hit me that maybe basing the Loki helm on a preexisting helmet would be a better place to start. So I bought the helmet for $6 and the rest follows.

The more I studied the batting helmet in comparison to Loki’s Avengers helm I realized the dome shape of the batting helmet was much rounder than the Loki’s more squared off Helm. I really try to strive for screen accuracy but quickly realized that I would have to modify the overall look of my build if I was going to stick with the batting helmet base. What I ended up with is a helm that copies the main lines of the Avengers helm and actually takes on a bit of the style of the Thor style helm. Yup, his helm is actually different between the two films. This picture isn’t the best but it get the point across:


When I started modifying the batting helmet I was in a bit of a rush so I didn’t take photos to being with. My progress photos start with the batting helmet already cut down and heavily modified. Besides removing the bill I also chopped out a part of the midsection, pretty much the whole part that is painted silver to compress the profile of the forehead.

This post is not meant to be an exact how-to guide. What you’ll find is a whole bunch of progressive photos of the build and painting prep process. I’m not done with the final painting. The photos stop at the first base paint layer. I’ll add the painting photos when I’m done and satisfied. Thanks for reading this far. If you have questions please feel free to ask in the comments section.

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Final helm and costume. Photo by Azimedes Photography http://azimedes.deviantart.com