DragonDrop – OS X Utility 2 Dollar Tuesday deal – mac app

I’ve been using DragonDrop for a few weeks and it will transform the drag-and-drop functionality on your Mac. Seriously I have no idea why this functionality isn’t a standard feature on OS X already.

From the Mac App Store listing:
“Dragging and dropping is a great way to get stuff done on your Mac, but DragonDrop makes it even better. DragonDrop lets you set down what you’re dragging, leaving you free to find your destination without worrying about keeping the mouse button held down.
Drag files, folders, photos, text — even entire web pages. DragonDrop can handle just about anything you throw at it.”

Purchase now for $2 (regular price is $5)

MacBook Pro with Retina Display – announced and available immediately

“Apple has just announced a brand new MacBook Pro model at the WWDC Keynote in San Francisco. The new notebook is still extremely small, though it’s not quite as tiny as a MacBook Air — about two times the height of a USB port, according to our friends at Engadget. The device weighs 4.46 pounds and obviously it’s very powerful, but here’s the kicker: It’s a laptop with a Retina Display.”

Get Mac X DVD Ripper Pro and Video Converter Pro for free until May 1st – Mac, iOS software

I’ve downloaded these myself it’s a legit giveaway with no sign-ups required. Together these would normally run you $39.95!

From Cult of Mac:
“Here’s how to get your copy:

Head over to this link

Click the “Get it Free” button to download the package.

Share the news with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Yeah, it’s super easy and you don’t have to jump through any hoops to win a free copy. Everyone gets a free copy. The download takes less than a minute and you’ll be on your way to watching your DVDs on your iPad or iPhone in no time.

*note: once you’ve downloaded the software from Digiarty’s website and installed the software you will need to use the license key, provided in the downloaded folder, to activate to the full version.

This giveaway lasts until Monday, May 1st at 12pm PDT, so don’t wait until the last minute to take advantage. If you enjoy using MacX DVD Video Ripper Pro Stream Edition, you can Like Digiarty on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter to get sneak previews on new software and tips for managing your digital life.”

Panic discusses the need for 10.8 Mountain Lion Gatekeeper

This post by Panic Engineer Steven is an excellent, not too techie, description of security issues facing OS X and Apple’s answer for it in 10.8: Gatekeeper.

“Although security is a vital feature for Apple, developers, and users alike, being unable to run unsigned code cuts a lot of really great things off at the knees. You wouldn’t, for example, be able to just download and run an open source project unless it had been submitted to and reviewed by the App Store. Highly disruptive software (think Napster or BitTorrent) may have not been able to exist on the Mac platform since it would have been likely to run afoul of Apple’s App Store guidelines. Major vendors such as Adobe and Microsoft might have withdrawn their support for the platform, being unwilling to cede 30% of their revenue to App Store distribution.

So, for a while, there was a great deal of consternation among Mac developers, including this author, that this might be the route Apple would take. In recent years, Apple has shown a trend of following the most hardline possible stance that will benefit users and Apple, often at the expense of developer freedom, and gradually backing in certain affordances (push notifications, for example) as user-impacting problems became evident. So it seemed feasible that we’d wake up one day and Apple would decree that all Mac apps must be sold through the App Store.

But instead, Apple went to considerable effort and expense to find a middle ground.”

Full Article here