Emerald City Comicon 2014 – Confessions From the Con: First Time Cosplayer

I have an incredible wife. She’s an amazing mother, photographer, writer and friend. She cosplayed for the first time at Emerald City Comicon over the weekend. She wrote a funny piece about her experience: click here to read the story on her blog.

My wife and Father-in-law cosplaying Carl and Ellie from UP.

My wife and Father-in-law portraying Carl and Ellie from UP.



On Fandom and Cosplay

The past few years cosplay has become a big part of our family. We’re heading into our 4th Emerald City Comicon and this year it’s bigger than ever. Even my 70 year old father-in-law has decided to join us in costume! He totally came up with the idea himself and has been excitedly working on his cosplay. We were joking the other day that he could end up being the oldest cosplayer at ECCC!

So, amongst the feverish costume building that I’ve been wrapped up in, my awesome wife took the time to write a really great article that compares the fandoms of the sports and geek worlds. Here’s a link to her article ‘Fandom’ in which I think she did a fantastic job writing. I hope you enjoy it.

She also took the above photo, which I like because it focuses on the fan taking a picture of a cosplayer (who just happens to be our daughter!)