Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you The TARDIS Fez

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This is a little project my teenage daughter and I dreamed up a while back. I decided to surprise her with it as a Birthday present. She’s delighted to say the least. Features all the coolness of 100 bow-ties and has an integrated LED lantern on top!

Special thanks to Tally’s Treasury whom provided the inspiration and base pattern for the project.





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A Charlie Brown Christmas – the story behind the classic

A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of, if not my all time favorite Christmas TV Special. I was delighted to find this article that discusses the many decisions surrounding the making of this classic some 47 years ago. Here’s a small example:

“Little Kathy Steinberg, who did the voice of Sally, was actually not even old enough to read. Her lines were fed to her aloud, one at a time, and she would merely parrot them back. All the children cast members were uncredited. The suits at CBS were against this casting decision from the word go. They disliked the novel “kids voicing kids” angle and preferred to get seasoned voiceover actors.”

The article discusses several instances where the network executives were more than displeased with and wanted to change the show. Fortunately they didn’t and we now and will always be able to enjoy and share A Charlie Brown Christmas, with all of it’s wonderful quirks and charm, for generations to come.

Read the full article here at Neatorama