Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you The TARDIS Fez

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This is a little project my teenage daughter and I dreamed up a while back. I decided to surprise her with it as a Birthday present. She’s delighted to say the least. Features all the coolness of 100 bow-ties and has an integrated LED lantern on top!

Special thanks to Tally’s Treasury whom provided the inspiration and base pattern for the project.





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24 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you The TARDIS Fez

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    • I setup the lettering in photoshop and printed it onto inkjet canvas to make a cloth “sign”. It took a bit of trial and error because I had to curve the lettering in order for it to look right and match the natural curve and taper of the fez. To attach it cleanly, I cut a thin felt frame which I sewed onto the sign then sewed that onto the body of the fez.

    • Man I would love to do that but building one of these is complicated. I’ve create two, the original for my daughter and another for myself. I really have no desire to make any more. (Unless someone was willing to pay several hundred dollars or so.) Anyway the complications come from the fact that fez walls taper and all of the pattern pieces for the windows and signs have to be adjusted depending on the head size of the wearer. I have no idea how I’d be able to make a tutorial that would be easy to follow considering those adjustments.

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