MilliMount – a versatile smartphone mount project on Kickstarter

I ran across this Kickstarter project today and I liked it so much that I backed it. This looks like an easy to use, sturdy and versatile phone mount that is really only hindered by the users imagination. At $20 with shipping it’s a great deal too. I already have several iPhone mount/cradles but they all only do one thing; car window mount or tripod mount. I’m excited about the new possibilities MiliMount will offer.

From the creator Randy G’s website:

• It is a semi-open source project that makers can profit from.
• It is compatible with almost all smartphones.
• It is a Kickstarter that might deliver ahead of schedule.
• The project owner is a recently laid off worker from corporate America and would like to create his own job and many more!

If you have never supported a product on Kickstarter, I highly suggest you try it. Give Randy a chance to create his own job and fulfill a dream, in return you get the awesome feeling of helping some one as well as a useful product.

Hope you reach your goal Randy!

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