Copy the iPhone? Apparently Samsung wrote the book on it – news

Are you still on the fence about wether or not Samsung copied the iPhone? If so you’ll definitely want to read this. New evidence has shown up in the Apple vs. Samsung case that appears to be a big boost to Apple’s claim that Samsung “slavishly copied” the iPhone. The evidence come from Samsung themselves:

All Things D reports:

“As part of its case against Samsung, Apple has shown snippets of an internal Samsung document comparing the original Galaxy S phone with the iPhone.

On Tuesday, Apple managed to get the whole 132-page document admitted into evidence. And it’s a doozy.

The 2010 report, translated from Korean, goes feature by feature, evaluating how Samsung’s phone stacks up against the iPhone.

The complete report can be found here. Although it’s not available at this time presumably from being fireballed. I skimmed through the majority of it and found one similar glaring statement time and time again. Under Directions for Improvement the outcome was usually: make it look, act, or feel more like the iPhone.

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