‘Plugy’ device headphone jack accessory – product news

If you think that the only purpose of the headphone jack on any of your multimedia devices is just meant for your headphones alone, then you’re wrong. At least, that’s what the people behind the Plugy want you to think. Typically, we just dress up and prettify our iPods, smartphones, and music players by putting them in fancy cases and decorated pouches. This time, you can take a step further by plugging in a Plugy in its headphone jack.

There are six different designs to choose from: a spring, a bolt, a water faucet, a mushroom, a key, and an apple stem (although it looks like a stem with a leaf that could be from just about any plant).

Plugy Headphone Jack Accessories
“Put Plugys into your smartphone, music player or anything with an earphone jack to give it an interest and unique new look! Give your smartphone the look of an apple or a clock! Let the fun begin!! It’s also useful, it prevents dirt from getting into the earphone jack!”

So next time you’re not using your headphones, take ‘em out and plug in one of these Plugys instead. They are available from Strapya World for ¥400 ($4.90) each.

[via Geekalerts.com - link]

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