Add a Custom Lock Screen to Your iPhone – jailbreak only

The information on this page is from 2011 and dealt with iOS 4 or 5 (I cannot remember which at this point). So much has changed with iOS the past few years I’m sure this no longer works. I’m leaving the post up for reference however. I personally no longer jailbreak my iPhone because I feel iOS 7 has done a good job of addressing most of the issues I wanted the jailbreak for.

A while back I posted a screen shot (above) of my custom lock screen for my iPhone 4. I had several people ask about how to set one up. It’s a fairly lengthy process mostly because it requires you jailbreak your iPhone. If you need a primer on what jailbreaking is or isn’t I suggest you go here, here and here.

I’ve finally put all the steps together for others to be able to setup their own custom lock screen. This by no means is an authoritative how-to. I put this together from memory so if anyone sees a missed step or something doesn’t work please note in the comments. Also any time you make changes to the root iOS files you are doing so at your own risk.

1. Jailbreak your iPhone

2. Once Cydia is installed (automatically shows up on your iphone springboard once jailbreak is complete), Launch Cydia and search for and install Winterboard which is a theme app.

3. download this zip file:

It contains the “Galaxy Lockscreen En 2.theme” package (which has to be added to Winterboard) and the background graphic .psd (in case you want to create your own custom image)

4. Once the .theme file is downloaded you’ll have to change the weather code manually for your region.

This is a change to the “LockBackground.html” file inside the .theme. (The “LockBackground.html” file controls the lock screen layout and information being displayed.)

To open the .theme package on a Mac right click and select “Show Package Contents” (not sure how to do on a PC) to see the “LockBackground.html” file inside the package.

5. Find your new region code here:

a. Go to
b. Search for your town and country by name not zip code (ie London, United Kingdom or New york, NY, United States) – When your search has given you the right location you will be taken to the page where the weather is displayed. You should now look at the URL (the address bar).
c. The URL should now look something like this: or
d. The weather code is now in the URL. The part we are looking for is: UKXX0085 ( / USNY0996 )

6. To change the weather code open LockBackground.html (in a text or html editor, I use Simultron) look for line # 563

Existing code your looking for:
var locale = “USWA0140″

Change “USWA0140″ to your new region code.

Save the “LockBackground.html” file changes.

7. Gain access to your iPhone root via plugging it in to your computer and using a utility App for access.

I use iPhone Explorer which is free and cross-platform

8. Add the .theme package to Winterboard themes by placing the package from your computer to the iPhone via iPhone Explorer in this location:

Root >var >stash >Themes.XXXX using iPhone Explorer.

9. Unplug the iPhone from the computer.

Launch winterboard on iPhone and select “Galaxy Lockscreen En 2.theme” from the theme options in winterboard.

10. You’ll also have to disable the default iPhone clock or it will continue to show on the lock screen.

I’m pretty sure this is an option in Winterboard although it may be an option in another app I use called: LockInfo which I highly recommend.


You can change the look of the screen by altering the .html file (font sizes, color, location etc.) or the background .png file. inside the .theme package

This thread was where I originally found the “Galaxy Lockscreen En 2.theme” and information which you might find helpfull. Although some of the links are now dead:…d=16808051&p=1

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