The ‘Red Dawn’ Remake Hollywood Does Not Want You To See – article

Poster by George Joseph,

From: EXCLUSIVE: Libertas Sees the ‘Uncensored’ Version of MGM’s New Red Dawn

“We had hoped and intended to promote Red Dawn in the same light, because the original, ‘uncensored’ cut of the film we saw in August was one we liked – and we suspect American audiences would’ve liked it, as well. (Chinese dissidents would’ve loved it – watching it on pirated copies.)…

Those basic elements will no doubt remain in the final version, but Chinese communist militarism is now apparently going to be downplayed or whitewashed in favor North Korean militarism – even though, as is widely acknowledged, the communist Chinese government is itself the chief enabler of the North Korean regime.

So in the interest of informing the public, we’ve decided to disclose what we saw in the original, ‘uncensored’ cut of MGM’s new Red Dawn – the version that featured the Communist Chinese as the villains.

The ‘uncensored’ version we saw of Red Dawn was a stirring, highly patriotic ode to America and its freedoms – the kind of film that until recently I didn’t think Hollywood could make any more…”

Hmm… I was wondering what had happened to this remake. Now I’m hoping that this will help get the word out.

Follow the link for many details about MGM’s complete bungling of this film.

[Libertas Sees the ‘Uncensored’ Version of MGM’s New Red Dawn - link]

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