iPad Duct Tape Folio – PopCap Special Edition

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What goes together better than awesome games and the iPad? How about awesome games the iPad and Duct Tape. I just wanted to share this special edition Duct Tape Folio that I created last week for a guy I know who is an artist at PopCap games.

FYI – PopCap creates great iOS and Mac games (along with a bunch of other platforms). Does Plants Vs. Zombies, Peggle, Bejewled or Chuzzle sound at all familiar? Well if they do you are already acquainted with the gaming wizards at PopCap.

For the record Plants Vs. Zombies is one of my all time favorite iPad games. It is very much worth the $6.99 asking price. It features hours of fun game play, snazzy 2D graphics and a very zany sense of humor. The zombies are very helpful and really just want to be your friend. As evidenced by this little note found under the Help Menu:

The iPad Duct Tape Folio is something I dreamed up a few months ago. More info can be found here.

[PopCap - link]
[Build Your Own iPad Duct Tape Folio - link].

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