1Password: get your online security under control

Note: I‘m re-running this article/review for 1Password. It’s a new year and if you’ve resolved at all to get your online security and password information sorted out then you need 1Password. Some new features have been added since I originally wrote this. 1Password is now available for Windows and Andriod. Dropbox syncing has also been added for synching between your computer and mobile device. I highly recommend 1Password which I continually use on a daily basis between my Mac, iPad and iPhone. You can check it all out here: 1Password Overview

I’ve spent many frustrated hours attempting to remember the various user names and logins that I had created for the myriad of websites that I frequent. Trouble was I could never keep straight which specific combinations I used for each site. I tried to be security savvy by not always using the same passwords and mixing them up. Well, all it ever really did was mix me up. I always worried too that I wasn’t being security conscious by never changing passwords for some important account. I knew that some day it would come back to haunt me (which it fortunately hadn’t)…

Recently I began using 1Password 3, a really great password application that did all the work for me. It works like this: Once you enter your individual accounts all you have to remember is, well, one password.

My favorite feature of 1Password is its full integration into Safari (or other browsers). 1Password installs a 1P button on your browser toolbar. When you visit a secured site you then select “Fill” under that sites name and 1Password fills in the login and password. It will prompt you for your 1Password, once you enter it your logged in. This is especially good because it enables you to create an individual password for each site to keep things good and secure across the net. You can create your own easier to remember passwords our you can use the handy strong password generator to keep things uber secure. That was an option I chose on the most sensitive accounts like banking, etc.

One draw back to creating these strong, random, passwords is remembering them if needed while your away from your Mac. 1Password has an answer for that too. A fully synch-able iPhone App.

Download/install the iPhone App and it will auto secure sync to iPassword Mac (after secret code set-up). Both just have to be connected to the same wi-fi network, yup no cable required. The iPhone App isn’t quite as integrated as the Mac App. You either have to copy and paste those hard to remember password between 1Password and Mobile Safari or you can use the integrated browser to go directly to the site within 1Password.

Of note: 1Password has many other features like software license organization, auto identity fill-in, wallet, secure notes and more.

If you’re looking to gain control of your passwords/login security and want an easy to use solution that has many other helpful features give 1Password 3 a try. Best of all 1Password 3 can be downloaded and demoed for free for 1 month. After that initial month it will cost you $29.95. The iPhone App is $4.99. It’s worth every penny.

1Password 3 link
1Password iPhone App link

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