The Goonies – 25 years – Bluray released

From: GeekDad

“Tuesday, November 2nd was a day of monumental importance for many Americans. No, not because of the elections — rather, it marked the release of The Goonies 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition on Blu-ray and DVD.
In anticipation of this most sacred arrival, a special press event was held late last month at the Warner Bros. lot. A number of the original film’s cast and crew members were in attendance including notables like Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Ke Wuan and Richard Donner…”

I have to admit this one kind of slipped by me. I’ll have to get the order going so I can give the Blu-ray a proper coregeek review. ‘The Gooines’ after all, champion the geek in all of us! Now if I could just get my childhood friend to return me the pristine, original (3’x5′), Goonies movie poster I LOANED her 25 years ago all would be right in the world.

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