Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – in 8 bits

Not sure about Scott Pilgrim? Read on and decided if any of these bits fit you.

1. Michael Cera is your kind of nerd/geek.
2. You enjoyed the humor of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz.
3. Retro video games stir your soul.
4. Indy rock is a language you speak.
5. You enjoy rooting for the lovable loser.
6. You can’t get enough of stylized wire-foo-fighting.
7. You were disappointed with the “live action” action of the Speed Racer movie.
8. You ever wondered what a lightsaber looked like with flames instead of an energy beam.

Bottom Line: A crazy and wild mashup of anime, gaming and film. I personally loved it.

Rated PG-13, in theaters now.

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