KaleidoVid – Video Kaleidoscope – iPhone App Review

KaleidoVid is a cool app that turns your iPhone into a Kaleidoscope.

From the developer:
“Point the camera at everyday objects to create beautiful kaleidoscopic images. Tap the screen to freeze the image. Save or share it on Twitter, Facebook, or via email, then tap to do it again.

Crazy as it may sound, iPhone development can be intense at times. So, we decided to take a break from a few of our more ambitious projects and do something delightful. We hope you find KaleidoVid as fun to use as it was to develop!”

I’ve played with this for a few days and it makes me smile every time I try it out. It’s very fun to see what kind of crazy images this app creates. Best of all you can take snap shots and share them from within the app.

Here’s a few of my own favorites:

Final Impression:

Simple and creative fun at its finest. A steal at 99 cents. If I were to set my own price I’d pay $1.99.

KaleidoVid @ App Store

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